Project Ideas

So, you’re interested in applying to the Trust but you’re not sure what kind of project you should plan. To help you think about this, we have listed some of the project ideas which have been successful in securing funding in the past. You might choose to plan a project alone, or as part of a group.

Projects involving Travel

Independent travel can be a wonderful experience – especially travel with a purpose. Just getting there and being there is part of it. The Trust encourages you to think carefully about the ‘sustainability’ of your trip, and we will ask you about that at your interview. We are always pleased to receive applications for projects that will involve you being active. Please use public transport wherever possible. See below for some of the projects which the Trust has helped to fund in the past.

  • a visit to the National Gallery in London
  • a trip to London to visit the settings used in the film Notting Hill
  • a journey to learn about the Romans in Britain at Hadrian’s Wall
  • a trip to Stratford to see a Shakespeare play, with a night in a hostel
  • a trip round four English cities to record and analyse the water quality
  • a trip to one of the biggest and best skateparks in Britain to make a film
  • the production of a photographic account of New Forest ponies
  • a journey to investigate the history of the piano at the Paris Museum of Music
  • cycling (with an adult) from Cambridge to Amsterdam
  • a bird-spotting trip to Land’s End
  • a trip that involved undertaking the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge
  • a visit to seek out evidence of military action in Normandy
  • a trip to the Isle of Lewis to learn more about the Lewis Chess Pieces
  • a nostalgic journey to discover the student’s Irish roots

Two girls visited Alderney, in the Channel Islands, and produced a brilliant report of wartime Alderney which earned them an extra £100 as winners of the Phillips Award for an outstanding report. See  for more information on reporting on your project.

Home-based Projects

On the other hand, you may have an idea that can be best tackled at home.  Some examples of the kinds of things students have undertaken for home-based projects are given below.

  • Record a music album
  • build a wildlife garden pond
  • create a ‘Smart Mirror’ from scratch
  • make a Regency dress
  • develop and make a flat-pack chair
  • develop an Indian dance show, teach the dances to younger students, and then perform
  • write and draw a children’s book, then produce it, make copies and launch it
  • prepare a collection of art work for an exhibition
  • Develop a ‘virtual reality drone’, fly it and film its journey
  • Develop a hot-air balloon and launch it (with appropriate permissions) and make a film