A condition of the award is that you report back to the trustees. But this doesn’t have to be just another school-like project. Trustees would certainly expect to see a comprehensive diary of the experience and the clear outcomes of your enquiry, but if you have designs on a Phillips Commendation (a prize of up to £100), or if it is making the report that is the main function of your enterprise, you will want to produce something special.

Your Report and The Phillips Commendation Awards
A condition of your award is that you will produce a report. The trustees will be interested to hear of your experiences and see the results of your enquiry. Your account showing how your expedition fulfilled its purpose will be studied with interest by Trustees. Trustees especially like to see something of yourself in the report and to hear if you feel you have benefited personally from your experience.

An illustrated journal can be an effective way of reporting. However, your report may, if you wish, demonstrate your multi-media skills. Sadly, these sometimes stretch no further than a shoddy (and hackneyed) Power Point presentation, an unedited video, or a crude blog. By all means use these and other digital media if you have the appropriate communication skills. You may submit your report in hard copy, electronically, on disk, or however you feel it is best presented.

Phillips Commendation Awards are made for the accounts considered outstanding in both content and presentation. We would also expect to see evidence of reflection on your experiences.  An “outstanding” account would be a joy to look at as well as informative. It will have substance. Anyone who has clearly put thought, time and effort into the content and appearance of his or her account will be an automatic candidate for a Phillips Commendation Award. Phillips Commendation Awards can be up to £100.

Henry Morris had great enthusiasm for the arts of living, from cooking to literature, but particularly for music, visual art, and architecture. We hope that your interest in these subjects might also be extended as a result of your award.

Whatever your specific interest, we hope that you will notice architecture, whether a ruined abbey in a remote place or a fine modern city building. You may be journeying near great prehistoric forts and circles. Great works of art are sometimes found in locations other than city galleries. We hope you will take the opportunity to look in small museums and village churches. There may be concerts – or even rehearsals – especially in the large churches and cathedrals. Extra explorations such as these would have pleased Henry Morris greatly.

Be sure to submit your report by 30 September.