At the end of your project there is an expectation that you will produce a report for the Trust. This report can take whatever form you like (past reports have varied from traditional written reports to entirely filmed responses) but should include:

  • An account/ diary of what happened in your project (you may want to include photographic/ film evidence here);
  • An account of the outcomes of your project;
  • A reflection on what you gained/ learned from completing the project in terms of your education, or your personal development;
  • A reflection on to what extent your project met its aims.

Your report should be submitted by 30th September.  In the case of group projects, it is sufficient to submit one report, but we would hope that all members contribute to the creation of the report.

Phillips Commendation Awards

For outstanding reports, the Trust may give a Phillips Commendation Award of up to £100. We would encourage you, in addition to above, to focus your efforts on both the content and presentation of your report. We will be looking for reports that bring ‘joy’ to the reader.

You may also want to consider how your project has made you reflect on the wider interests of Henry Morris. Henry Morris had great enthusiasm for the arts of living, from cooking to literature, but particularly for music, visual art, and architecture.