Past Reports

See below for a sample of reports submitted on some previously funded projects. Some of the reports here may have won a Phillips Commendation Award.

Projects – Reports 2023

Notting Hill Movie Project 
Guitar – Album project
Romania Project
Cello Restoration Project
Bike Ride to Amsterdam
Solar Panel for Van Conversion Project
The History of Medicine

Projects – Reports 2022

Italian POWs in Britain and the Hellan Chapel

Sustainable Luxury Fashion Project

The Lewis Chess Pieces

Server Project

Water Project

Development of Treatment & Theories for Mental Health Problems

Trip to the V&A and National Gallery

London Art Expedition

Children’s Book Report

Visit to the V&A

Belize Report

Trip to London

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Projects – Reports 2020

In 2020 we were unable to fund projects involving travel due to coronavirus restrictions. Instead, we funded only projects that were home-based. See some of the reports from these projects below:

Drone Project

Smart Mirror ProjectIMG-20201004-WA0002


 Trips and Projects – Reports 2019

Podcast Project:

Barcelona Trip (2)
Thailand Trip
Amsterdam during WW2
Penzberg Trip
Object Tracking in 6D Space
Jurassic Coast Walk
New York Trip
Budapest Trip
Music Project
Gaudí Report
Jordan Trip
Barcelona Trip (1)
Poland trip report 2019
Poland trip photos 2019

France Trip 2019

Trips and Projects – Reports 2018

Pig Project – Final Report
Pig Project – Status Report
Trip to France
Trip to Budapest, Vienna and Amsterdam
Trip to Amsterdam
Trip to Venice
Trip to Rome
Trip to Canada & USA – Presentation
Trip to Canada & USA – Report
Trip to Czech Republic
North African Cultural Identity in Paris – Report

Trips and Projects – Reports 2017 

Breast Cancer Treatment Project 2017
Zika Virus Project 2017
Spain Project 2017
Israel Trip 2017
Paris Trip 2017
Norway Trip 2017
Amsterdam Trip 2017
North Norfolk Trip 2017

Trip to Cardiff 2017

Trips and Projects – Reports 2016 

Trip to Russia

Trip to the Isle of Wight
Isle Of Wight 2016 report FINAL VERSION

Pre-2016 Trips/Projects Reports 

Trip to the Anifest Film Festival
Some young people had an animated film in competition at the Anifest Film Festival in Teplice in the Czech Republic and were able to get funding from the Trust to support their visiting the Festival. They were delighted when their film won an award at the Festival, and they made this film of their experience as their report.